Hospitality Sustainability Revolution

Value Proposal

Where do we start?

Providing a clear path to sustainability so you can feel confident

We answer the most prevalent question: “where do we start?” We give you confidence and clear steps to follow.

You are at risk if your messaging is not manifested into reality. Too often there are statements on corporate websites that are not aligned with what is actually happening – we will evaluate and ensure the content displayed is aligned with what is actual.

Sustainability is not one person’s job, it is everyone’s. A green team disperses knowledge and tasks throughout the organization so that sustainability is a shared vision and responsibility.

Green Team Training

Accountability, Project/Change Management, Coaching

Empowerment, equip, enable. Build internal capacity. Culture change that permeates…

The Green Team training educates, excites, and involves all levels of staff while engaging culture shifts throughout your operation.

As a priority step, we will help you to build your green team giving them ownership of your projects, as well as guide and empower them for the success throughout your sustainable journey. Building a green team and having an accountability partner, allows the operation to work smarter and faster, not harder.

Our trained green team participants will make a clear connection between the values of sustainability and the brand values of the culture and service they have been taught to execute. With their passion for sustainability, it strengthens their commitment in understanding the value of sustainability within the brand.

Hospitality Sustainability Revolution




In a world where greenwashing is on the rise consumers want a trusted verification of sustainability claims.

Just like guests use third party tools and feedback to make travel choices, they will seek certifications and eco-labels to facilitate sustainable travel decision making.

  • Corporate/Institutional RFPs – increasingly have sustainability and CSR questions, sophistication levels going up, certifications required/expected
  • Differentiation. Discerning guests know better
  • Label recognition and promotion
  • Search and filter ease with certification
  • Thought leadership within a city/region/area


    Net Zero


    GHG emissions calculation, reduction, and reporting.

    Did you ever wonder what reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 1 million metric tons means in everyday terms? Our reporting will:

    • Translate abstract measurements into terms you can understand
    • Help identify reduction and cost savings opportunities
    • Help identify innovative technologies, equipment, and fixtures
    • Help creating new jobs
    • Help align your organization with the Paris agreements
    • Lead by example by achieving the goal of the events industry in the global transition to a zero-carbon economy
    • Support reputable offset programs that offsets can have social impact and can favor local projects
    • Receive international and national recognition as a carbon net zero organization
    • Be ready to comply with suppliers and clients who will expect/demand carbon reporting and reduction
    • Communicate, retain and attract clients