Hospitality Sustainability Revolution


Revealing the present


In the midst of a deep recession brought on by the pandemic, there is a growing consensus that the global economy is due for a reset.

Business leaders are optimistic that rather than slide back into normality, the major social, political and climatological ruptures of recent years have driven a growing awareness that “business as usual” is no longer good enough.

“What this pandemic has done so far is not really changing the future yet, but it has very much revealed the present,” said Achim Steiner, Administrator, United Nations Development Program (UNDP).


Sustainability is the starting point of the new trend of regeneration.

  • Seek to restore and replenish what we have lost
  • Build economies and communities that thrive
  • Contribute to the flourishing of the planet

    What do we do for you?

    • We assess Hotels, Resorts, Convention centers, Venues, DMCs, CPOs, DMOs and CVBs
    • We evaluate all your current practices and recommend the best path according to your budget, time frame and expected results. We recommend an eco-certification as both the source of best practices and recognition of your achievements.
    • We help you launch a green team of inspired collaborators at every level of your organization
    • We provide a roadmap and emphasize action!
    • We walk with you through every step along the way – even small steps matter. Any action towards sustainability is a positive action!
    • We coach your department and green team leaders to keep them accountable to the agreed action plan.
    • We survey, engage and train your staff
    • We advise on client-facing communication and messaging
    • We establish a long term partnership with you and keep your organization on the forefront of the industry sustainability trends

    ROI Opportunities

    • Efficiency – energy
    • Efficiency – water
    • Food waste reduction and composting
    • Materials and packaging waste reduction
    • Customer acquisition and retention
    • Revenue generating opportunities
    • Sustainable Procurement
    • Risk, compliance and reporting
    • Natural resource protection
    • Employee Engagement
    • Community gardens and projects
    • Corporate Social Responsibility – Gain traction and respect from your local communities

    Carbon Net Zero Initiatives

    • We calculate and report your GHG Emission footprint
    • We help you determine the impact boundaries that you want to measure, manage, and report
    • We create a roadmap to get you there, with emphasis on emissions reduction in operations and supply chain
    • We facilitate implementation
    • We vet solutions (e.g., CMAP software)
    • We oversee calculations
    • We support reporting
    • We recommend reputable offset programs and pledges to join